A set of three reusable tote bags. Perfect for grocery shopping or everyday uses. 100%, 8oz cotton.
Tested to hold up to 40 lbs. 14.96x11.81x4.72 inches in size.
Machine washable (cold, separate)
Tumble dry low.


Geco Full Bag HeldSquare.JPEG

Why Buy?

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS - Five trillion bags are used per year - an average of 700 plastic bags per human. The bulk of those bags eventually end up in landfills or polluting our oceans and water systems, killing wildlife. The Green Way reusable 100% cotton bags will provide needed change by being able to decompose in as little as half a year, some researchers believe that certain types of plastic bags may never be able to decompose completely.

  • STURDY AND REUSABLE – Our bags are made with 8oz. cotton, a heavier and higher-quality fabric than our competitors who use cheaper threads that are more susceptible to tearing. The thicker fabric gives The Green Way bags the capacity to hold up to 40 lbs which is over 10 lbs more than what the average plastic bag can hold.

  • PERFECT FOR GROCERIES – Durable fabric makes our bags sturdy enough to pack groceries such as cereal or pasta boxes into the bag without having to worry about the sharp edges puncturing the bag. The 10.5” cross-stitched handles and 40lbs weight capacity means you can comfortably carry your groceries or belongings without worrying about the handles breaking or tearing off.

  • MULTIPURPOSE USE – The Green Way bags can also be used for everyday use such as toting school and work supplies. You can carry your books and laptop or the new clothes you just bought from your day of shopping. The Green Way bags are strong yet stretchable so you can fit more into your bags and not have to worry about your bags tearing after repeated use.